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A clean email list is essential to email marketing success!

An email address is usually your first line of communication with a new client and there’s no doubt that it’s the most cost effective and quickest way of reaching potential clients and subscribers so it is essential that you know your emails and campaigns get delivered!

With over 30% of a mailing or marketing list going bad in just one year, keeping your email lists clean and valid is now more important than ever. According to ReturnPath if more than 10% of your emails bounce your sender reputation could be damaged and cause less than 44% of your email marketing campaign to be delivered.
As has been proven over the last few years an effective email marketing campaign depends as much on email list deliverability as it does on the actual email content. If your email marketing list contains non-existent or non-valid email addresses, mail bounces from your marketing campaigns will totally destroy your sender reputation and even worse cause you to be blacklisted and labeled a ‘spammer’.

Another cause of your email marketing campaigns landing in spam is duplicate email addresses in a marketing list, this causes the same message to be sent to the same mailbox multiple times, causing some mail servers to mark the email message as spam and blocking further mails from reaching the recipients.

Avoid Blacklists & Spam

Dont get blocked
Stay off blacklists
Stay out of spam
Maintain good sender reputation

Maximize deliverability

Know that your email marketing campaigns reach the destination inbox.

Know your list is valid

Have the knowledge that all your subscribers or potential clients will get the email and you have the correct details.

Increase response

Knowing your emails reach the correct client will improve responses and keep you off the blacklists.

Try a sample list of upto 150 email addresses

Enter or Upload a list of email addresses to be cleaned and validated, then download a clean list with a report.

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Clean and Validate your eMail lists

email list cleaning & validation service provides total email hygiene and cleansing.

With eList Clean all of these worries and problems can be a thing of the past, using many years of experience in the IT and online world we have developed our own proven list cleaning system
that uses multiple email address validation techniques that assist in identifying and purging bad, dead, seed, spam trap, honeypot, duplicate, BOT and known undeliverable email addresses,
so that you can easily upload your email marketing list in a number of formats
(including: .txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx, or even copy and paste a list directly into the system)
using one of the most simple user interfaces available and simply get back a new clean list in the format you uploaded,
along with a list of the emails removed and a full status report containing every email in your list and its status.

How we clean and validate an email marketing list

email Sender Reputation

What it is and why it is important.

Your sender reputation is the most important factor in determining what happens when your email reaches the receiving mail server, your sender reputation is the difference between your email going to the inbox or being marked as spam.
Sender reputation is associated with the domain, DNS and IP address of the mail server you are using to send messages from. ISPs score a sender’s reputation by giving different values to various specifications related to email marketing activity and then use some type of algorithms to determine your reputation, and it’s that score or sender reputation that indicates to the mail servers the trustworthiness of the source of the email and if to mark it as spam, place in the recipient’s inbox
or worse case scenario block and blacklist you preventing you from sending any further emails.

Clean Valid email Lists Improve Reputation

It’s more than important to ensure the quality of your email marketing lists to reduce bounce rates and limit any damage to your sender reputation as anything above 10% of your emails bouncing is beyond the normal range of bounces and will raise red flags and see your hard work that has gone into your email marketing campaigns go straight to spam.
Having the knowledge that email addresses in your lists are real and valid is a must for any future email campaigns you have planned.

Register & Clean a List

What email list cleaning & validation costs

One of the cheapest and most simple systems available online, and you can pay by paypal, card or Bitcoin.

email list cleaning 10,000 addresses
Single List £15
(upto 1,000 addresses)
email list cleaning 10,000 addresses
Single List £30
(upto 10,000 addresses)
email list cleaning 50,000 addresses
Single List £50
(upto 50,000 addresses)
email list cleaning 100,000 addresses
Single List £100
(upto 100,000 addresses)

email list cleaning 500,000 addresses
Multiple Lists £280
(upto 500,000 addresses)
email list cleaning 1 Million addresses
Multiple Lists List £500.00
(upto 1 Million addresses)
email list cleaning 5 Million addresses
Multiple Lists £2000
(upto 5 Million addresses)
email list cleaning 10 Million addresses
Multiple Lists £2800
(upto 10 Million addresses)

email List cleaning at a cost of only £0.00028p per email address

Now including access to the eList Clean no-limits API with real-time validations.
No contracts needed just a simple fixed price pay as you use system

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