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Bulk Email List cleaning & Validation

Clean & validate your email lists.

If over 10% of your email address list is bad, then usually less than 44% of mails sent are delivered.

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  4 simple steps to clean and validate your email marketing lists with eList Clean.

You upload your list

Upload your mailing lists in a file with the following extensions:
or enter them manually onto the website.

We clean your list

Any missformed or duplicate email address's will be removed from your list and domain extensions will be checked for valid mail settings.

We validate your list

All address's will be tested at the domains mail server, Any email address that can not recieve mail will be removed from the list.

You download a clean valid list

View the results of the cleaning proccess and download your new clean valid list in the format you choose.

Try a sample list for FREE

Enter or Upload a list with a maximum of 150 email addresses, it will be cleaned and validated along with a full report.

Enter or Upload a List

How it works

and the benefits of keeping a clean valid email list

Maintaining a clean and valid email list is a crucial task for any email marketing or subscription service. To have a clean list of your contacts directly ensures you always have maximum deliverability rate,
and also stops bounce backs, and you ending up on black lists or having your future campaigns go to spam, this also will save both time as well as your hard earned money.
To have a clean list means a lot to your email campaign. Cleaning an email list is a process to check out whether the list of email addresses is valid and deliverable and contains only real deliverable email addresses.
NO mail is ever sent to any of the email addresses on any lists!

This is done using the eListClean system in the following way...

Sender Reputation

Why is it important?

A recent ReturnPath study shows that bad email sender reputation, and not content, is responsible in 83% of all cases where email does not reach the intended recipients.
Using the eList Clean service will protect your email sender reputation remove all outdated, invalid or fake email addresses and will protect you from getting blacklisted and ruining your email sender reputation.
Development of intergrations into many major email marketing platforms is currently under way!

Register & Clean a List


email List cleaning at a cost of only £0.00028p per email address*

We use a simple pricing structure and you can pay by paypal, credit/debit card or Bitcoin.

email list cleaning 10,000 addresses
Single List £15
(upto 1,000 addresses)
email list cleaning 10,000 addresses
Single List £30
(upto 10,000 addresses)
email list cleaning 50,000 addresses
Single List £50
(upto 50,000 addresses)
email list cleaning 100,000 addresses
Single List £100
(upto 100,000 addresses)

email list cleaning 500,000 addresses
Multiple Lists £280
(upto 500,000 addresses)
email list cleaning 1 Million addresses
Multiple Lists £500.00
(upto 1 Million addresses)
email list cleaning 5 Million addresses
Multiple Lists £2000
(upto 5 Million addresses)
email list cleaning 10 Million addresses
Multiple Lists £2800
(upto 10 Million addresses*)

Unlimited Lists for a single monthly fee of £1050.00 / 0.12549886

Now including access to the eList Clean no-limits API with real-time validations.
Minimum term 12 months *(payable upfront & subject to our fair use policy)

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